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IMG_3545 (1)_edited.jpg

5 hours (slumber)

charcoal, graphite (32'' x 65'')


7 hours

charcoal, graphite (30'' x 66'')

In slumber series (2017 - ongoing), I record my body’s unconscious movements during uninterrupted periods of sleep. I prepare for this private performance by attaching charcoal to the inside and outside of my arms, legs, and onto my joints and lay down on a sheet of paper on the floor. Unconscious mark making, smudging, and wiping materializes sleep into an image that captures pressure, motion, space, and time. 


IMG_3568 (1)_edited.jpg

I have little control over the image I wake up to, however my complete control over the parameters of its creation allow me to harness entropy and make it my own. 

3 hours

charcoal, graphite (28.5'' x 66'')

A specific night's sleep does not dissipate into a distant void of regularity, but instead validates patterns of my own existence. Sleep is transformed from biological necessity into a method of production.

unnamed-7 copy_edited.jpg

20 minute nap, forehead

  charcoal (11'' x 8.5'')

heart beet_edited.jpg
Canteloupe Purple Smaller now_.jpg

eisegesis II

ink, marker, graphite (36'' x 48'') 



Series of drawings involving ink-soaked cantaloupe rolled on paper. Thin ink lines are then added by hand in a futile effort to regain control over image // composition. 


booties (in collaboration with Ariana W.)

ink, marker, plastic (20'' x 12'')

cantaloupe og .jpg

eisegesis I 

 ink, graphite (72'' x 48'')


self-portrait with make-up (back / front) 

makeup, thread (8'' x 11'')

makeup on violently distressed canvas, partially mended with thread

img002 (1).jpg

Paper cut free association

blood, ballpoint pen 

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